Tecl-Wood® Optima 2 Camou pattern.

Bionic-Finnish® Eco

An environmentally friendly and fluorine (PFC) free water- and dirt repellent treatment for sports and outdoor textiles. Due to the hyper branched and hydrophobic polymers water drops will just roll off the fabric keeping the fabric dry and lightweight. Highly abrasion resistant. Functions up to 10 washes (40°C) when fabric is re-activated by ironing or in a dryer after wash. Provides high breathability to textiles. All products worn outdoors in rainy conditions, with or without membranes, should for better breathability and function have a repellent outer fabric, a performance the Bionic-Finish® offers. Not oil repellent. No special detergents needed, however do not use fabric softeners as this will limit the function of the treatment.  Bio-degradable. Bionic-Finish® Eco Plus, the choice for both function and the environment!

Realtree Xtra® Camou

Realtree Xtra® Camou.

DWR - Durable Water Repellency

Durable Water Repellency –  A water repellent treatment that helps prevent the outer fabric becoming wet. Provides good water repellency but the fabric over time, should be re-treated for maximum retained function.

Big size

We have produced some of our products in larger sizes.
These products are labeled with our big size symbol.
Big size, refers to jackets from size 4XL and up. Pants from size C66 and D128 and up.


The new Sphere® pattern is based on pixel technology, which means that the animals from a far can not focus at the garment, the contours disappears and this conceals the hunter.


TC-Lite is a fabric with many excellent characteristics. The TC-lite has been specially developed to ensure a maximum
high breathability and comfort in warm weather. The fabric is fastdrying and does not crease easily. The combination of tightly woven polyester and cotton gives a durable and windresistant product. The TC-Lite fabric is treated for extra waterrepellancy.


TC-1200 Our own hard-wearing fabric that we use as the outer-layer in jackets, pants, vests and caps. The tightly woven fabric gives good windproof
qualities and at the same time the impregnation makes the fabric water-resistant. Quick-drying and easy to manage. Easy to re-impregnate with for example a spray. UV-protection. Manufactured in polyester and cotton.

2-Layered Membrane

A wind and waterproof functional membrane that breathes. The membrane is laminated with the lining. Used especially in hunter’s clothes and provides a very quiet outer-fabric.

2-Layer Membrane Repellant

A wind and waterproof functional membrane with good breathability which is laminated to the outer fabric which immediately
stops water and rain from getting through. Seams on the garment are not taped, rain can after a while get through the sewing thread. We classify these garments totally windproof and highly water repellent.

2-Layered Membrane

A wind and waterproof membrane with high breathability. The membrane is laminated with the outer-layer which prevents water and rain from penetrating the garment. Used for instance, in hunter’s jackets and shell garments. The seams are taped to the membrane.

Coating - WP 1

A windproof and highly water-repellent PU-coating without breathability. All seams on garments with this coating are taped.

Coating – WP 2

A wind and highly water-repellent PU-coating that also breathes and ventilates. All garments with this coating are taped.

3- Layer Membrane Repellant

A wind and waterproof functional membrane with good breathability, which is laminated between inner and outer fabric. Seams on the garment are not taped, rain can after a while get through the sewing thread.. We classify these garments totally windproof and highly water repellent.

Liner Membrane

A wind and waterproof functional membrane that breathes. The membrane is a “liner” which implies that it hangs freely between the outer-layer and the lining. Used for instance, in hunter’s clothes and provides a very quiet garment.

Coating – WR

Windproof PU-coating with water-repellent characteristics. Breathes and ventilates. No garments with this coating are taped.


Garments with this symbol have high breathability as they are not lined with, for example, water tight membranes or coatings.


Garments with this symbol are made so that they are windproof.

Taped seams

This symbol means that the seams are taped. Therefore water cannot penetrate through the seams of the garment.

4-way stretch

Functional fabric with stretch both horizontally and vertically for maximum comfort and pliability.


Merino wool is naturally anti-bacterial which reduces risk of smell.
Merino wool fibres isolate air in both wet as well as in dry conditions.


A highly functional material developed by Invista. Soft, durable, quick-drying and easy-care.


An impregnation developed by 3M that repels dirt and water. Does not affect the impregnated materials breathability.


A treatment that makes the fabric extra protective against harmful UV radiation


A series of shell and layer clothing that through a double zipper can be attached together to give a warmer outerwear.
Sometimes called even for 3-in-1 function.


Garments with this symbol is an extra high protection from the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays.

APF - Anti piling fleece

Anti piling fleece – a fleece which is treated to avoid early burling. When the fleece is being made it is cut in such a way that burls are prevented from forming on the brushed surface.

Bamboo Fibre

High moisture transport and breathability. Nature's own super fiber!

Silver Technology

Silver Technology

Realtree APC HD®

Realtree AP HD® Camo Colors

Realtree APB HD®

Realtree APB HD®

Advantage Realtree MAX-4 HD®

Advantage Realtree MAX-4 HD®

Realtree AP HD® Snow

Advantage Realtree MAX-4 HD®

Realtree APG HD®

Realtree APG HD®


Garments with this symbol are “multi functional” products which implies that garments can quickly be changed to suit other purposes.

Thermo Lite®.
Du Pont's patented Thermolite® quickly removes excess and insulates giving up to three times more
warmth than a normal fibre.

The Coolmax® fibres quickly remove excess moisture to the outside of the garment where it evaporates. This gives extra comfort and a cooling effect


Garments with this symbol protects against mosquito bites. Either the garment is made from a fabric which is so tightly woven that the mosquito cannot bite through or the product has been treated with for humans the pleasant smell of lemongrass making mosquitos avoid landing on the garment.

Realtree Hardwoods green HD®

Realtree Hardwoods green HD®

Realtree AP HD® Snow

Realtree AP HD® Snow

Realtree hardwood HD® Blaze

Realtree hardwood HD® Blaze