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We enclose in this e-mail (depending on what areas of interest you have chosen to tick), the new catalogues for Hunting and Outdoor Autumn/Winter 2015. One of the benefits of being a member of ClubPinewood is that members receive the catalogue by email exactly the same time as our distributors, which means that you now have full track of which articles will hit the stores during August/September.

News Hunting/Outdoor:
Prior to 2015, we have invested further in both our men´s and women´s collections. Market acceptance of the Pink Hunting collection has been above expectations, which ultimately led to an expansion of garments in pink camouflage. Many new items have been produced for men. Many hunting products have got an additional colour, the popular moss-green.
Below we mention a few items that can be seen in the catalogue and on our website

Trousers Pinewood Pürsch-Axis Hybrid.
The superlative hails! "Well thought out!" "Perfect for active hunting!" "Always useful!" These durable hunting and leisure trousers have a membrane up to the thigh, this keeps the water out. Incredibly airy thanks to the membranes position and that it has additional ventilation zippers for the really hot days when the body needs to vent out all the excess heat. Keeps dew and rain from the tall grass at bay. Ideal for hunting and outdoor. You can find this on page. 16 in the hunting catalogue!

Trousers Pinewood FOXER.
Hunting and leisure trousers without a membrane for hunting or for everyday use. Stretch at the seat and knees for perfect fit. Slim fit. We promise that the majority of those who try on the pants will buy it! Page 17.

Anorak Hemse is a hunting and outdoor anorak that keeps mosquitoes but also wet weather at bay. Removable mosquito net and a membrane lining keeps most unwanted things at a distance. Perfect for mountain hike, mushroom picking, hunting and fishing. Do not worry about the weather, let the clothes take care of it! Page 12th

Vests are popular! We have noticed a clear upswing in demand for vests. Therefore, we have several new items in this particular segment.

Vest Pinewood Hugger. Practical for everyday use or as an extra layer under a jacket when the cold comes knocking. A favourite among us at Pinewood!

Vest Pinewood Robert. Traditional quilted vest, stylish for everyday use or hunting. See page 21.

Shirt Pinewood Douglas. Lovely shirt, lined with a elastic, windproof and water resistant membrane. Maintains great warmth despite the fact that the shirt is thin. Perfect under all our vests.
Page 32 and 23

Trousers Pinewood Himalaya Extreme last season´s top seller among waterproof outdoor trousers continues of course! A membrane pant with stretch panels and extra zipper in the side seam for maximum air ventilation when encountering strenuous hardships. It is of course available without membrane Pinewood Himalayas! Both models available both for men and women.

Don´t forget our great collection for women and children where you find a balanced supply of everything that might be needed. Several new products for 2015. Among other things, the following:

Jacket and trousers Pinewood Victoria is a completely new hunting and outdoor set for women. Soft and comfortable outer fabric, great fit and very feminine, and of course, wind and waterproof!

Pinewood Hunting Vest 8021 best in test here in Swedish, now also in pink camouflage.

Jacket Pinewood Corsica Extreme – Ladies Jacket Pinewood Corsica Extreme - a stylish outdoor jacket lined with a membrane. Basically wind and waterproof to our exacting standards! Combined easily with most of our outdoor trousers. The same model of the jacket is also available without a membrane. More information on pages 11

Fleece jacket Dorset and Vest Roberta The vest is a classic quilted vest with a feminine cut. Very stylish! Worth taking a look at. Page 25 and page 10/11 in the outdoor catalogue.

Finally, our ladies have got a ladies version of the knitted sweater Hurricane! A sweater with elastic, windproof and water repellent membrane. Warm and comfortable, for sure!

Our Pinewood DogSports collection is very popular. It is functional garments for all those that train dogs. Practical solutions are abundant with pockets for dummies etc. Thoughtful details like waterproof knees on durable yet airy pants. The collection is available for men and women.

Check out our Children´s Lappland trousers available in the cool colours chilli red, steel blue and mid green. A product we sell a lot of, not only among scouts but also among all other children who love to be active outdoors. Keep in mind that there is also a great matching jacket to these trousers, the Pinewood Corsica jacket - Kids

Please visit our website to get updated about our growing collection. Pinewood is also available on Facebook, please “like” us there.

We at Pinewood wish you all a beautiful and wonderful Autumn/Winter 2015!

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