In 1997 Pinewood was registered as a trademark in clothing at the National Swedish Patent and Registration Office after having been on the market for a number of years.

As the owner and founder of this family-owned company, Pinewood AB, – for those who wish to read - I would like to give some background of the Swedish company, Pinewood, in a few lines.

The story of Pinewood starts at the beginning of the nineteen-nineties. As is the case for most companies, it started on a very small scale – in this case, crammed into Mother’s cellar with the oil tank and the nearest neighbour at an arm’s length. Mother had to park her car outside as the garage was needed for storing our products. Over the years, when the garage became too small, this wonderful and understanding person even had to see her belongings gradually moved from her store-room. Whenever things piled up, Mother-in-law and Father-in-law helped with packing garments well into the night. That was the only possible way to manage expenses during the first years of hard times. No one could possibly blame me of not saving enough - especially not my loved ones, who got paid only in hugs and kisses.

The collection, that today consists of a wide range of outdoor clothing with garments from top to toe, was in the beginning the basis of “an extremely narrow line of products” i.e. a Canadian lined shirt in four different colour combinations! Today, the shirt has the well-deserving name Canada Shirt Classic and is even today part of the collection. The product was well liked by our customers all round the country and provided a satisfied and loyal group of customers who with time requested new and appropriate clothing from us. With the words of wisdom “hurry slowly” (Swedish idiom) more and more products were introduced to the collection and have with time meant that this single article has evolved to become hundreds of garments in many different colour combinations.

During the first years all the garments in the narrow collection were made at the same factory. In order to increase the line of products over the years and at the same time retain a good overall quality, collaboration was required with factories specialised within their specific line of products at which they excelled. This implies that shirts are to be made in factories that sew shirts and rain-wear is to be made in factories that only make rain-wear, and so on. This has lead to many long journeys in many different countries visiting many different factories the world over. Having gained this experience we have ceased our co-operation with low quality companies and have selected only the best ones. This quality awareness and direct contacts with the factories means that today Pinewood is a supplier of quality products at competitive prices. We also select and work closely with experts like Thomas Ekberg to help us design our excellent clothing line.

We are a small company. A company, which we hope will be appreciated for its flexibility and sensitivity to our customers’ needs. We strive to produce high quality outdoor clothing at reasonable prices. We will always do this. To help us in our endeavour we want to hear your advice and points of view to help us improve our line of products. Please feel free to contact us!

Rainer Rüssel