For the brand Pinewood® it is extremely important to have products that deliver what they promise. Our products should keep a high functionality in wet and dry, have a good fit, have a nice but also practical design. The products should also be of high quality and at a reasonable price. The consumers should simply get value for their money. This is our motto!

In order to secure those objectives for our products, we demand a lot from our suppliers and factories. We have the privilege to be a partner in a factory which delivers fantastic quality at a reasonable price. We also have our own QC Team (Quality Control), who travel around and perform quality checks at the different factories that we work with. This ensures a more consistent high level of quality of our products regardless of which factory they are produced in. This is security and peace of mind for you as a consumer.

We let independent textile laboratories test our materials as well as the accessories to secure that they meet the demands of the market regarding environment and quality.

We let different people in Sweden and Europe test our products. These people are out in the forests daily and will give the products rigorous wear to see what they will withstand. From these results we are thus able to either be satisfied with the products as they are, or to improve them before they reach the market.