Adventure in Siberia

Eric van den BroekEric van den Broek, a Dutch hunter has been in Siberia where he spent 8 days, in very changeable weather, on horseback and foot, experienced tundra, Altai Mountains and it´s forests. The goal of the trip was bear hunting. It doesn´t always go as planned, no bear was in sight but it was still an amazing adventure. Eric came home with many new experiences. For the trip Eric chose Pinewood´s Bear hunting set. Eric says he is very happy with the clothes.

Look at Erics travel pictures when you click on the link view full article.

Here you can read more about Hunting set Bear

Eric van den Broek 1

Eric van den Broek 2

Eric van den Broek 3

Eric van den Broek 4

Eric van den Broek 5

Eric van den Broek 6

Eric van den Broek 7

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