Lucas Micallef - The last boar drive of the year

Lucas 2017-03By the end of December last year, I got a phone call from my good friend Federico from Italy, to attend for the last boar drive of the season, which was going to take place in January. Excitingly I accepted his sincere invitation and started preparing to my trip to Italy. Being part of the Realtree Global, I had been sent over some luminous orange outfit from the Swedish company Pinewood.

I have invited along my two hunting buddies, Mario and Nathan, we have travelled from Malta to Rome, and within an hour we have been on the outskirts of the city of Rome at a city called Castel Giuliano. We have set ourselves at our lodging, and later we met Federico where he hosted ourselves for dinner, one can imagine during the evening over some fine Italian wine what we have been discussing… excitingly the last drive of the season, whom Federico was very positive for the day ahead.

During the night while travelling back to our lodge, brief intervals of snow was observed in the cars main beam during the darkness of the night, and so I prepared all my gear and clothing for the day commencing.

Lucas 2017-03 Lucas 2017-03

At 6 in the morning we woke up, geared up and just popped for a coffee at the restaurant were the day’s party of the shooters and beaters was being hosted. The sounds of the hounds started being heard, when the beating party arrived on site. We drawn our peg numbers, and started our way up the hill where 25 pegs were placed approximately 20 meters from each other. When I got into my stand, I could understand then how important (although it’s part of the law) to wear visible luminous clothing.

I loaded up my express 8x57JRS rifle, with a mounted LEICA Magnus 1-6,3x24i, after the sound of the horn was heard, and immediately the hounds were heard continuously echoing with their owners calling. After a few minutes the first shots were heard, and the sound was heard continuously approaching to my direction, in a glimpse I seen a boar coming charging with 8 hounds running approx. 6 metres behind. I immediately took a shot and the boar was stopped by the mighty stopping power of the 8mm. After I shot another 2 boars, and totalled my day with 3 boars. Every shot must be secured before pulling the trigger, the number of people participating in such hunt; 25 pegs, 15 beaters and approximately 150 hounds…

Lucas 2017-03

Staying standstill at the peg for 4 hours, at that moist ambient, with interval showers and a temperature of 2 degrees Celsius, for sure one needs correct clothing. Pinewood, just did not let me down, I just kept comfortable during the drive and dry.

Trousers Pinewood Retriever Camouflage

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