Mauser Jagdwaffen GmbH in cooperation with Pinewood!

The arms manufacturer Mauser Jagdwaffen GmbH has chosen Pinewood as its partner on the clothingside at the launch of Mauser’s new generation of M12 hunting rifles. This is very pleasing. Their latest rifle is a step in their evolution where the focus has been to attract the new generation of hunters, with modern technological innovations.

To strongly launch the new rifle Mauser chose a clothing supplier who, like Mauser’s new generation of hunting rifle, exudes ambition, provides technologically advanced features, high quality and attracts the most demanding hunters across all ages. But at the same time these customers may not want to spend all their money on the purchase of their hunting weapons, clothing or accessories but still desire the best. Pinewood is very proud that Mauser choose us as their partner! This shows that Pinewood as a brand is well established not only in Sweden but also abroad. The fact that we are appreciated for the core values we stand for, good quality and function to a reasonable price!

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