Pinewood® takes another step in social responsibility in 2017!

Last year we focused on our celebration of our 20th anniversary as a brand. We did this with increased sales, satisfied consumers and a lot of new developments in the market. The year of 2017 is the year we will put even more focus on our developing CSR work. We have managed to get our own factory in the far east to meet the requirements and standards set by the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative). This organisation, which listed under the Foreign Trade Organisation, works with important matters associated with Social and Ethical ways of production. Amongst the eleven codes of conduct our factory working conditions must be safe, have no child labour, no discrimination, fair salaries and ethical business behaviour. Read more about the Pinewood® social responsibility work on our website. We are proud that we do not just make great products, we also produce them in an ethically and socially correct manner.

New products for Autumn/Winter 2017-2018

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This year is the year where the Pinewood® investment in environmental matters will reach our customers. We have devoted time, research and finance into omitting harmful perfluorinated compounds (PFC) making our garments safer for you the customer and the environment. This will be the case in all of our 2017 productions and onwards! The PFC’s are used by most outdoor brands to give their products a water repellent finish. We are using an environmental friendly alternative by the name of BIONIC-FINISH® ECO PLUS which is biodegradable and completely free of PFC’s. Part of our mission is to leave as small an environmental footprint as possible within nature. This is another step in that direction!

Pinewood® is a Swedish clothing-brand for an active outdoor life. We have a broad assortment for all who love to be outdoors – for hiking, fishing and hunting or active dog sports. We offer several well thought-out, functional, moderately priced quality products which enhance your leisure time. We will never be able to disregard the fact that a good choice of clothing and equipment will give you maximum enjoyment of nature and your activities. This is where Pinewood® comes into the picture.

Product development is something that is extremely important, especially in our line – clothes for an active outdoor life. We at Pinewood®
continually spend a great deal of time and energy in developing our supply of affordable functional clothes. Every new season leads to new popular series of products due to our concentrated development work.

Our goal is to create maximum enjoyment of nature, regardless of whether it is on exciting deer-stalking hunts, in biting wind in the Himalayas, in the jungles of Borneo with high humidity, on a hike along Kungsleden in Sweden or picking mushrooms and berries in a deep forest somewhere in Europe. We have created a collection of outdoor clothes that function well. You wear them in all kinds of weather and they keep you warm and dry. This is why you can plan your adventure without worry and concentrate on the sensation and experience of outdoor life. We deliver all that you need!

We enter the autumn/winter season of 2017 with even more new items in our range. Our design department have done superb work with the collection where the new developments blend perfectly with the existing range. Check them out in the catalogue, or on the web.

Thanks for taking the time to read our short presentation about the Pinewood® brand! With these words I wish you all a great autumn and winter 2017. Take care and see you outdoors!

Best outdoor regards
Rainer Rüssel
CEO, Pinewood AB

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