This product adds a durable waterproofing treatment to the fabric making waterdrops bead off and thereby also maintaining high breathability and light weight in a garment. This Pinetech™ perfumeless product has also been specifically developed for hunting purposes to cover, neutralize or absorb scents coming from the human body (ex. sweat) or other sources which normally makes a hunter highly detectable by. This neutralizing feature gives the hunter significantly higher success in stalking prey and to be less worried about getting detected by wrong wind direction. The product contains Sentz® UV-Abzorber making treated hunting clothing not “glowing” in the eyes of animals (they can see reflections in the UV spectrum, humans don’t ) and thereby less detectable by vigilant eyes of prey resulting in shorter distance shots and better luck of the chase.

Suitable for all hunting textiles equipped with or without breathable membrane as well as for use on fleece, softshell and other synthetic or cotton fibres. This product can be applied on any of your favorite hunting clothing. It is also very suitable for other equipment like bags, gloves, backpacks, ….

For optimal scent control result it is recommended to first wash the garment in Hunting-Wash-in-Cleaner by Pine-tech™ before applying this Hunting- Spray-on-Waterproofer.

This product does not contain propellant nor flour carbon and is environmentally friendly.
Available in Mix (000).
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