Bamboo viscose

High moisture transport and breathability. Nature's own super fiber!


Garments with this symbol have extra protection against the sun's damaging UVA and UVB rays.


A fabric with many excellent characteristics. The TC-lite has been specially developed to ensure a maximum high breathability and comfort in warm weather. The fabric is fastdrying and does not crease easily. The combination of tightly woven 65\% polyester and 35\% cotton gives a durable and windresistant product. The TC-Lite fabric is treated for extra waterrepellancy.


Our own hard-wearing fabric that we use as the outer-layer in jackets, pants, vests and caps. The tightly woven fabric gives good windproof qualities and at the same time the impregnation makes the fabric water-resistant. Quick-drying and easy to manage. Easy to re-impregnate with spray. UV-protection. Manufactured in 65\% polyester and 35\% cotton.


Reversible product with two possible color options.

Extra warm

Product that keeps you warm.

XL collection

A range of products in bigger sizes. Jackets from 4XL, trousers from C66 and D128.


Garments with this symbol are made so that they are windproof.


Waterproof product with taped seams.

Water repellent

Product with good water repellent properties.

Eco friendly

An environmentally friendly product.


Product which is reinforced to be extra durable.


Garments with this symbol have high breathability.

Anti odour

The product is produced in an anti-bacterial material.


The Coolmax® fibres quickly remove excess moisture to the outside of the garment where it evaporates. This gives extra comfort and a cooling effect


Thermolite® quickly removes excess and insulates giving up to three times more warmth than a normal fibre.

Quick Dry

Quick drying and UV protective quick dry™ fabric.

Anti mosquito

Garments with this symbol protects against mosquito bites. The product is made from a fabric which is so tightly woven that the mosquito cannot bite through.


Wool is a natural fibre. Wool yarn has hollow fibres filled with air which makes wool products suitable in cold weather. Wool has a natural wicking effect and is also naturally antibacterial which gives extra comfort. Natures own fantastic fibre!

4-way stretch

The product is produced in an anti-bacterial material.

Eco friendly treatment

Bionic-Finish® Eco. An environmentally friendly and fluorine (PFC) free water- and dirt repellent treatment for sports and outdoor textiles. Due to the hyper branched and hydrophobic polymers water drops will just roll off the fabric keeping the fabric dry and lightweight.


Products that are very silent for a better hunting experience.


Tecl-Wood® Optima 2 Camou pattern.

Realtree Xtra® Camou

Realtree Xtra® Camou.

DWR - Durable Water Repellency

Durable Water Repellency –  A water repellent treatment that helps prevent the outer fabric becoming wet. Provides good water repellency but the fabric over time, should be re-treated for maximum retained function.


The new Sphere® pattern is based on pixel technology, which means that the animals from a far can not focus at the garment, the contours disappears and this conceals the hunter.

Silver Technology

Silver Technology

Realtree APC HD®

Realtree AP HD® Camo Colors

Realtree APB HD®

Realtree APB HD®

Advantage Realtree MAX-4 HD®

Advantage Realtree MAX-4 HD®

Realtree AP HD® Snow

Advantage Realtree MAX-4 HD®

Realtree APG HD®

Realtree APG HD®

Realtree Hardwoods green HD®

Realtree Hardwoods green HD®

Realtree AP HD® Snow

Realtree AP HD® Snow

Realtree hardwood HD® Blaze

Realtree hardwood HD® Blaze